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  • 2018

- Desvignes, G., R. Eatough, Ue-Li Pen, et al., Large magneto-ionic variations toward the Galactic Center Manetar, PSR J1745-2900, Astrophys. J., 852, L12, 2018.
(co-author : I. Cognard)

- Dudok de Wit, T., G. Koop, A. Shapiro, et al., Response of solar irradiance to Sunspot-area variations, Astrophys. J. Lett., 853, 197, 2018.
(co-author : M. Kretzchmar)

- Flamant, C., P. Knippertz, A. H. Fink, et al., The Dynamics-aerosols-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa field campaign : Overview and research highlights, Bull. Meteor. Soc., 83-104, 2018.
(co-author : V. Catoire)

- Li, M and M. Parrot, Statistical analysis of the ionospheric ion density recorded by DEMETER in the epicenter areas of earthquakes as well as in their magnetically conjugate point areas, Adv. Space Res., 61, 974-984, 2018.

- Wu. J., C. J. Clark, H. J. Pletsch, et al., The Einstein@Home gamma-ray pulsar survey. II. Source selection, spectral analysis, and multiwavelength follow-up, Astrophys. J., 854, 99, 2018.
( co-author : L. Guillemot)

  • 2017

- Abbott, B.P., R. Abbott, T. D. Abbott, et al., First search for gravitational waves from known pulsars with advanced LIGO, Astrophys. J., 839, 12, 2017.
(co-author : L. Guillemot)

- Abdalla, H., P. Aubert, J. Chevalier, et al., Gamma-ray blazar spectra with H.E.S.S. II mono analysis : The case of PKS 2155-304 and PG 1553+113, Astron. Astrophs., 600, A89, 2017.
(co-author : L. Guillemot)

- Abdollahi, S., M. Ackermann, M. Ajello, et al., Cosmic-ray electron-positron spectrum from 7 GeV to 2 TeV with the Fermi Large Area Telescope, Phys. D., 95, 18-45, 2017.
(co-author : L. Guillemot)

- Abdollahi, S., M. Ackermann, M. Ajello, et al., The second catalog of flaring gamma-ray sources from the Fermi all-sky variability analysis, Astrophys. J., 846, 34, 2017.
(co-author : L. Guillemot)

- Ackermann, M., A. Allafort, L. Baldini, et al., Fermi-LAT observations of high-energy behind-the-limb- solar flares, Astrophys. J., 835, 209, 2017.
(co-author : L. Guillemot)

- Ackermann, M., M. Ajello, A. Albert, et al., The Fermi galactic center GeV excess and implications for Dark Matter, Astrophys. J., 840, 43, 2017.
(co-author : L. Guillemot)

- Ackermann, M., M. Ajello, A. Albert, et al., Observations of M31 and M33 in the Fermi large areatelescope : A galactic center excess in Andromeda ? Astrophys. J., 836, 106, 2017.
(co-author : L. Guillemot)

- Ackermann, M., M. Ajello, L. Baldini, et al., Gamma-ray blazars within the first 2 billions years, Astrophys. J. Lett., 837, L5, 2017.
(co-author : L. Guillemot)

- Ackermann, M. M. Ajello, L. Baldini, et al., Search for extended sources in the galactic plane using six years of Fermi-Large Area Telescope pass 8 data above 10GeV, Astrophys. J., 843, 139, 2017.
(co-author : L. Guillemot)

- Ahnen, L., S. Ansoldi, L. Antonelli, et al., Observation of the black widow B 1957+20 millesecond pulsar binary system with the MAGIG telescopes, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 470, 4608-4617, 2017.
(co-authors : I. Cognard, L. Guillemot)

- Ajello, M., W. B. Atwood, L. Baldini, et al., 3FHL : The third catalog of hard Fermi-LAT sources, Astrophys. J. Supplement Ser., 232, 18, 2017.
(co-author : L. Guillemot)

- André, M. , E. Odelstad, D. B. Graham, et al., Lower Hybrid Waves at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 469, S29-S38, 2017.
(co-author:P. Henri)

- Aschwangen, M. J., H. Caspi, C. M. S. Christina, et al., Global energetics of solar flares. V. Energy closure in flares and coronal mass ejections, Astrophys. J., 836, 17, 2017.
(co-author : M. Kretzschmar)

- Bardyn, A., D. Baklouti, H. Cottin, et al., Carbon-rich dust in comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko measured by COSIMA/Rosetta, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 469, S712-S722, 2017.
(co-authors : C. Briois, L. Thirkell)

- Béghin, C., M. Hamelin, J. P. Lebreton, X. Vallieres, J. Moré, and P. Henri , Electron temperature anisotropy associated to field-aligned currents in the Earth’s magnetosphere inferred from Rosetta MIP-RPC observations during 2009 flyby, J. Geophys. Res. Space Physics, 122, 6964–6977, 2017.

- Bègue, N., D. Vignelles, G. Berthet, et al., Longrange isentropic transport of stratospheric aerosols over Southern Hemisphere following the Calbuco eruption in April 2015, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 17, 15019-15036, 2017.

- Bentum, M., L. Bonetti, A.Spallicci, Dispersion by pulsars, magnetars, fast radio burts and massive electromagnetism at very low frequencies, Adv. Space Res., 59, 736-747, 2017.

- Berezina, M., D. J. Champion, P.C. C. Freire, et al., The discovery of two mildly-recycled binary pulsars in the Northern High Resolution Universe pulsar survey, Mont. Not. Roy.Astron. Soc., 470, 4421-4433, 2017.
(co-authors : L. Guillemot, I. Cognard)

- Berthet, G., F. Jégou, V. Catoire, G. Krysztofiak, J.-B. Renard, A. E. Bourassa, D. A. Degenstein, C. Brogniez, M. Dorf, S. Kreycy, K. Pfeilsticker, B. Werner, F. Lefèvre, T. J. Roberts, T. Lurton, D. Vignelles, N. Bègue, Q. Bourgeois, D. Daugeron, M. Chartier, C. Robert, B. Gaubicher, and C. Guimbaud, Impact of a moderate volcanic eruption on chemistry in the lower stratosphere : balloon-borne observations and model calculations, Atm. Chem. Phys., 17, 2229-2253, 2017.

- Bonetti, L., L. R. Dos Santos Filho, J. A. Helayël-Netto, and A. Spallicci, Effective photon mass by Super and Lorentz symmetry breaking, Mod. Phys. Lett. B, 764, 203-206, 2017.

- Bonetti, L., J. Ellis, N. E. Mavromatos, et al., FRB 122202 casts new light on the photon mass, Mod. Phys. Lett., 768, 326-329, 2017.
(co-author : A. Spallicci)

- Bureau, J., A. Grossel, B. Loubet, et al., Evaluation of new flux attribution methods for mapping N2O emissions at landscape scale, Agric. Ecosyst. Environ., 247, 9-22, 2017.
(co-author : C. Guimbaud)

- Bussière, W., D. Rochette, S. Clain, et al., Pressure drop measurement forwoven metal mesh screens used in electrical safety switchgears, Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow, 64, 60-72, 2017.
(co-author : J.-B. Renard)

- Catoire,V., C. Robert, M. Chartier, et al., The SPIRIT airborne instrument : A three-channel infrared absorption spectrometer with quantum cascade lasers for in situ atmospheric trace-gas measurements, Appl. Phys. B- Laser and Optics, 123, 9, 2017.
(co- authors : P. Jacquet, C. Guimbaud, G. Krysztofiak)

- Chen, L., O. Santolík, M. Hajoš, L. Zheng, Z. Zhima, R. Heelis, M. Hanzelka, R. B. Horne, and M. Parrot , Source of the low-altitude hiss in the ionosphere, Geophys. Res. Lett., 44, 2060-2069, 2017.

- Clark, C. J., J. Wu, H. J. Pletsch, L. Guillemot, et al., The Einstein@Home gammay-ray pulsar survey. I. Search methods, sensitivity and discover of new young gammay-ray pulsars, Astrophys. J., 834, 106, 2017.

- Cognard, I., P. C.C. Freire, L. Guillemot, et al., A massive-born neutron star with a massive white dwarf companion, Astrophys. J., 844, 128, 2017.
(co-author : G. Theureau)

- Coughlan, C. P., R. E. Ainsworth, J. Eislöffel, et al., A LOFAR detection for the low-mass young star T Tau at 145 Mhz, Astrophys. J., 834, 206, 2017.
(co-author : J.-M. Greissmeier)

- Cramer, E.S., B.G. Mailyan, S. Celestin, et al., A simulation study on the electric field spectral dependence of thunderstorm enhancements and gamma rays glows, J. Geophys. Res. Atmospheres, 122, 4763-4772, 2017.

- Deca, J., D. Andrey, P. Henri, et al., Electron and ion dynamics of the Solar wind interaction with a eakly outgassing comet, Phys. Rev. Lett., 118, 205101, 2017.

- Dhooghe, F, Keyser de, J., K. Altwegg ,et al., Halogens as tracers of protosolar nebula material in comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 472, 1336-1345, 2017.
(co-author : C. Briois)

- Diallo, M., F. Ploeger, P. Konopka, et al., Significant contributions of volcanic aerosols to decadal changes in the stratospheric circulation, Geophys. Res. Lett., 44, 10,780-10,791, 2017.
(co-authors : G. Berthet, F. Jegou)

- Dudok de Wit, T., G. Kopp, C. Fröhlich, and M. Schöll, Methodology to create a new Total Solar Irradiance record : Making a composite out of multiple data records, Geophys. Res. Lett., 44, 1196-1203, 2017.

- Dudok de Wit, T., and S. Bruinsma, The 30cm radio flux as a solar proxy for thermosphere density modelling, J. Space Weather Space Clim., 7, A9, 2017.

- Duruisseau, F., N. Huret, A. Andral, et al., Assessment of the ERA-Interim reanalysis winds using high-altitude stratospheric balloons, J. Atmos. Sci., 74, 2065-2080, 2017.

- Eriksson, A. J., I. A. D. Engelhardt, et al., Cold and warm electrons at comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, Astron. Astrophys., 605, A15, 2017.
(co-author : P. Henri)

- Falk, S., B-M. Sinnhuber, G. Krysztofiak, et al., Brominated VSLS and their influence on ozone under a changing climate, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 17, 11313-11329, 2017.

- Fray, N., A. Bardyn, H. Cottin, et al., Nitrogen-to-carbon atomic radio measured by COSIMA in the particles of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 469, S506-S516, 2017.
(co-authors : C.Briois, L. Thirkell)

- Geyser, M., A. Karastergiou, V. I. Kondratiev, et al., Scattering analysis of LOFAR pulsar observations, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 470, 2659-2679, 2017.
(co-author:J.-B. Griessmeier)

- Gilet, N., P. Henri, G. Wattieaux, et al., Electrostatic potential radiated by a pulsating charge in a two-electron temperature plasma, Radio Sci., 52, 1432-1448, 2017.
(co-author : C. Béghin)

- Glatthor, N., M. Höpfner, A. Leyser, et al., Global carbonyl sulfide (OCS) measured by MIPAS/Envisat during 2002-2017, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 17, 2631-2652, 2017.
(co-author : G. krysztofiak)

- Goldstein, R., J. L. Burch, P. Moraski, et al., Two years of solar wind and pickup ion measurements at comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 469, S262-S267, 2017.
(co-author : P. Henri)

- Goldstein, A., P. Veres, E. Burns, et al., Fermi observations of the LIGO event GW170104, Astrophys. J. Lett., 846, L5, 2017.
(co-author : L. Guillemot)

- Gunell, H., H. Nilsson, M. Hamrin, et al., Ion acoustic wave at comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Observations and computations, Astron. Astrophys., 600, A3, 2017.
(co-authors : P. Henri, X. Vallières)

- Gunell,H., C. Goetz, A. Eriksson, et al., Plasma waves confined to the diamagnetic cavity of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 469, S84-S92, 2017.
(co-author : P. Henri)

- Haberreiter,M., M. Schöll, T. Dudok de Wit, M. Kretzschmar, S. Misios, K. Tourpali, and W. Schmutz, A new observational solar irradiance composite, J. Geophys. Res., 122, 5910-5930, 2017.

- Hajra, R., P. Henri, X. Vallières, et al., Impact of a cometary outburst on its ionosphere. Rosetta Plasma Consortium observations of the outburst exhibited by comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on 19 Feb. 2016, Astron. Astrophys., 607, A34, 2017.

- Hajra, R., B. T. Tsurutani, C.G.M. Brum , et al., High-speed solar wind stream effects on the topside ionosphere over Arecibo : A case study during solar minimum, Geophys. Res. Lett., 44, 7607-7617, 2017.

- Hanzelka, M. O. Santolik, M. Hajos, et al., Observation of ionospherically reflected quasiperiodic emissions by Demeter spacecraft, Geophys. Res. Lett., 44, 8721-8729, 2017.
(co-author : M. Parrot)

- Henri, P., X. Vallières, R. Hajra, et al., Diamagnetic region(s) : structure of the unmagnetized plasma around Comet 67P/CG, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron.Soc., 469, S372-S379, 2017.

- Héritier, K. L., P. Henri, X. Vallières, et al., Vertical structure of the near-surface expanding ionosphere of comet 67P probed by Rosetta, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 469, S118-S129, 2017.

- Hilchenbach, M., H. Fischer, Y. Langevin, et al., Mechanical and electrostatic experiments with dust particles collected in the inner coma of comet 67P by Cosima on board Rosetta, Philos. Trans. Roy. Soc. A, 375, 2097, 2017.
(co-authors : C. Briois, A. Bardyn, L. Thirkell)

- Ihaddadene, M. A., and S. Célestin, Determination of sprite streamers altitude based on N2 spectroscopic analysis, J. Geophys. Res. Space Physics, 122, 1000-1014, 2017.

- Josset, J.-L ;, F. Westall, B. A. Hofmann, et al., The Close up imager on board the Esa ExoMars rover : Objectives, description, operation ansd science validation activities, Astrobiol., 17, 595-611, 2017.
(co-author : P. Martin)

- Kobayashi, S., F. Sahraoui, T. Passot, et al., Three-dimensional simulations and spacecraft observations of sub-ion scale turbulence in the Solar wind : Influence of Landau damping, Astrophys. J., 839, 122, 2017.
(co-author : P. Henri)

- Leroy, F., S. Gogo, C. Guimbaud, et al., Vegetation composition controls temperature sensitivity of CO2 and CH4 emisions and DOC concentrations in peatlands, Soil Biol. Biochem., 107, 164-167, 2017.

- Liu, J. Y., Y. Y. Sun, C. K. Chao, S. P. Chen, and M. Parrot, An observing system simulation experiment for FORMOSAT-5/AIP probing topside ionospheric plasma irregularities by using DEMETER/IAP, Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 28, 111-116, 2017.

- Marcotte, B., M. Ribo, J.-M. Paredes, et al., Measuring the expansion velocity of the out flows of Lsi+61 303 trough low-frequency radio observations, AIP Conf. Proc., 1792, 040018, 2017.
(co-author : J.-M. Grießmeier)

- Marty, B., Altwegg, M. K.,M. Balsiger, et al., Xenon isotopes in 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenjo show that comets contributed to the Eath’s atmosphere, Science, 356, 1069-1072, 2017.

- Matthes, M., Funke, B., Anderson, et al., Solar forcing for CMIP6 (v3.2), Geosci. Model Dev., 10, 2247-2302, 2017.
(co.authors : T. Dudok de Wit, M. Kretzschmar)

- Mendes, O., M. O. Domingues, E. Echer, et al., Characterization of high-intensity, long-duration continuous auroral activity (HILDCAA) events using recurrence quantification analysis, Nonlin.Processes Geophys., 24, 407-417, 2017.
(co-author : R. Hajra)

- Morosan, E., P. Gallagher, R. Fallows, et al., The association of a J-burst with a solar jet, Astron.Astrophys., 606, A81, 2017.
(co-author:J.-B. Griessmeier)

- Nemec, F., K. Cížek, M. Parrot, O. Santolik, and J. Zahlava, Line radiation events induced by very low frequenc y transmitters observed by the DEMETER spacecraft, J. Geophys. Res. Space Physics, 122, 7226-7239, 2017.

- Nilsson, H., G. Stenberg Wieser, E. Behar, et al., Evolution of the ion environment of comet 67P during the Rosetta mission as seen by RPC-ICA, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 469, S252-S261, 2017.
(co-author : P. Henri)

- Parrot, M., Events linked to the lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling observed by DEMETER, Radio Sci. Bull., 360, 75-79, 2017.

- Perera, B.B.P., B. W. Stappers, A. G. Lyne, et al., Evidence for an intermediate-mass black hole in the globular cluster NGC 6624, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 463, 2114-2127, 2017.
(co-authors : I. Cognard, L. Guillemot, G. Theureau)

- Perera, B.B.P., B. W. Stappers, A. G. Lyne, et al.,Erratum Evidence for an intermediate-mass black hole in the globular cluster NGC 6624, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 471, 1258, 2017.
(co-authors : I. Cognard, L. Guillemot, G. Theureau)

- Pleunis, Z., C. Bassa, J. W. T. Bessel, et al., A millisecond pulsar discovery in a survey of unidentified Fermi gamma-ray sources with LOFAR, Astrophys. J. Lett., 846, 2, L9, 2017.
(co-author : I. Cognard, J.-M. Grießmeier)

- Racusin, J. L., E. Burns, A. Goldstein, et al., Searching the gamma-ray sky for counterparts to gravitational waves sources : Fremi GBM and LAT observations of LVT 151012 and GW 151226, Astrophys. J., 835, 82, 2017.

- Ranvier, S.,M. Anciaux, P. Caroloen, et al., Use of a Langmuir probe instrumenton board aPico-satellite, IIII Trans. Plasmas Sci., 99, 1-6, 2017.
(co-author : J.-P. Lebreton)

- Roberts, T., T. Lurton, G. Giudice, et al., Validation of a novel Multi-gas sensor for volcanic HCL alongside H2S and SO2 at Mt Etna, Bull. Volcanol., 79, 36, 2017.

- Roberts, T., D. Vignelles, M. Liuzzo, et al., The primary volcanic aerosol emission from Mt Etna : size-resolved particles with SO2 and role in plume reactive halogen chemistry, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 222, 74-93, 2017.
(co-authors : G. Berthet, J.-B. Renard)

- Savin, S. P., V. V. Lyahov, V. M. Neshchadim, et al., Magnetopause charging and transfer of momentum and energy into magnetosphere, Bull. Lebedev Phys. Inst., 44, 99-105, 2017.
(co-author : J.-L. Rauch)

- Sgattoni, A., F. Amiranoff, C. Briand, et al., Beam-plasma instability and density holes : Langmuir wave-packet formation and particle acceleration, Phys. Plasmas, 24, 072103, 2017.
(co-author : P. Henri)

- Sioris, C., L. Rieger, N. Lloyd, et al., Improved OSIRIS NO2 retrieval algorithm : Description and validation, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 10, 1155-1168, 2017.
(co-authors : V. Catoire, G. Berthet)

- Theureau, G., N. Coudreau, N. Hallet, et al., Kinematics of the Local Universe XIV ; Measurements from the 21cm line and the HI mass function from a homogeneous catalog gathered with the Nançay radio telescope, Astron. Astrophys., 599, A104, 2017.

- Torne, P., G. Desvignes, R. Eatough, et al., Detection of the magnetar SGR J1745-2900 up to 291Ghz with evidence of polarizedmillimetre emission, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 465, 242-247, 2017.
(co-author : I. Cognard)

- Vasko, I. Y., O. V. Agapitov, F. S. Mozer, A. V. Artemyev, V. V. Krasnoselskikh, and J. W. Bonnell, Diffusive scattering of electrons by electron holes around injection fronts, J. Geophys. Res. Space Physics, 122, 3163-3182, 2017.

- Vasko, Y., O. V. Agapitov, F. S. Mozer, et al., Electron-acoustic solitons and double layers in the inner magnetosphere, Geophys. Res. Lett., 44, 4575-4583, 2017.
(co-author : V. Krasnoselskikh)

- Vigren,E., M. André, N. T. J. Edberg, et al., Effective ion speeds at ˜200-250 km from comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko near perihelion, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 469, S 142-S148, 2017.
(co-author : P.Henri)

- Volwerk, M., G. H. Jones, T. Broiles, et al., Current sheets in comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko’s coma, J Geophys. Res. Space Physics, 122, 3308-3321, 2017.
(co-author : P. Henri)

- Voshchepynets, A., A. S. Volokitin, V. Krasnoselskikh, and C. Krafft, Statistics of electric fields’ amplitudes in Langmuir turbulence : A numerical simulation study, J. Geophys. Res. Space Physics, 122, 3915-3934, 2017.

- Weber, C., H. Lammer, I. F. Shaikhislamov, et al., How expanded ionospheres of Hot Jupiter can prevent escape of radio emission generated by the cyclotron maser instability, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 469, 3505- 3517, 2017.
(co-author : J.-M. Griessmeier)

- Wilson, L. B., A. Koval., A. Szabo, et al., Revisiting the structure of low-Mach number, low-beta, quasi-perpendicular shocks, J. Geophys. Res. Space Physics, 122, 9115-9133, 2017.
(co-author : V. Krasnoselskikh)

- Witasse, O., B. Sanchez-Cano, M. Mays, et al., Interplanetary coronal mass ejection observed at STEREO-A, Mars, comet 67p/Churyumov-Greasimenko, Saturn, and New Horizons-en route to Pluto. Comparison of its Forbush decreases at 1.4, 3.1 and 9.9 AU, J. Geophys. Res., Space Physics, 122, 7865-7890, 2017.
(co-author : J.-P. Lebreton)

- Xu, W., R. A. Marshall, S.Celestin, et al., Modeling of X-ray images and energy spectra producted by stepping lightning leaders, J. Geophys. Res. Atmospheres, 122, 11,776-11,786, 2017.

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  • 2016

- Acero, F., M. Ackermann, M. Ajello, et al., The first Fermi-LAT supernova Remnant catalog, Astrophys. J. Suppl.Ser., 224, 1, 2016.
( co-author : L. Guillemot)

- Ackermann, M., A. Albert, W. B. Atwood, et al., Deep view of large Magellanic cloud with six years of Fermi-LAT observations, Astron. Astrophys., 586, A71, 2016.
(co-author : L. Guillemot)

- Ackermann, M., M. Ajello, A. Albert, et al., Fermi-LAT observations of the LIGO event GW150914, Astrophys. J. Lett., 823, L2, 2016.
( co-author : L. Guillemot)

- Ackermann, M., M. Ajello, W. B. Atwood, et al., 2FHL : The second catalog of hard Fermi-LAT sources, Astrophys. J. Supplement Series, 227,5, 2016.
(co-author : L. Guillemot)

- Ackermann, M., R. Anuanta, K. Asano, et al., Minute-timescale >100MeV µ -ray variability during the giant outburst of quasar 3C 279 observed by Fermi-LAT in 2015 June, Astrophys. J. Lett., 824, 2, 2016.
(co-author : L. Guillemot)

- Altwegg, K., H. Balsiger, A. Bar-Nun, et al., Prebiotic chemicals ñamino cid and phosphorus- in the coma of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, Sci. Adv., 1600285, 2016.
(co-author : C. Briois)

- Artemyev, A., O. Agapitov, D. Mourenas, V. Krasnoselskikh, V. Shastun, and F. Mozer, Oblique whistler-mode waves in th Earthís inner magnetosphere : Energy distributions , origins, and role in radiation belt dynamics, Space Sci. Rev., 200, 261-355, 2016.

- Babak, S., A. Petiteau, A. Sesana, et al., European Pulsar Timing Array limits on continuous gravitational waves from individual supermassive black hole binaries, Mont. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 455, 1655-1679, 2016.
(co-authors : I. Cognard, G. Theureau, L. Guillemot)

- Bale, S. D., K. Goetz, P. R. Harvey et al., The FIELDS instrument suite for Solar Probe Plus : Measuring the coronal plasma and magnetic field, plasma waves and turbulence, and radio signatures of solar transients, Space Sci.Rev., 204, 49-82, 2016.
(co-authors : T. Dudok de Wit, V. Krasnoselskikh)

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