Teaching and outreach activities

Information on the team's teaching and outreach activities.

Several members of the “Astrophysics” team are involved in student training at the University of Orléans and other components. The team is also strongly involved in the dissemination of knowledge to the general public.

Team members participate in the teaching provided in the following training courses (this list is non-exhaustive):

  • Master’s degree in Atmosphere and Space Sciences, University of Orléans
  • Bachelor of Physics, University of Orléans
  • Bachelor of Geology, University of Orléans (“Panorama de l’Astronomie” module)
  • University degree “Lumières sur l’Univers”, Observatoire de Paris
  • IUT Orléans
  • Open module “Evolution des idées sur l’Univers”
  • The University of Free Time, Orléans

The dissemination of knowledge is carried out through many types of events, including the open days of the Nançay Radio Astronomy Station, the “Fête de la Science” Festival, conferences for the general public, visits to schools, etc.

We regularly welcome students on internships to allow them to discover our research activities.