Research topics and related projects

  • Aerosol variability: STRATEOLE-2, TTL-Xing, BOOSTER, VOLTAIRE
  • Trace gas chemistry (halogens, NOx, Hox): VOLTAIRE, PIVOTS
  • Small and large scale dynamics: VOLTAIRE, TTL-Xing, BOOSTER
  • Natural emissions (fire, volcano): VOLTAIRE, TTL-Xing, VolHalClim, Bourse Marie-Curie
  • GHG emissions from Sphagnum peatland and agricultural areas: CAREX, VOLTAIRE
  • N20 atmospheric: VOLTAIRE, PIVOTS, STUDIUM
  • Polluted sites and soils: Biophy
  • Anthropogenic tropical chemistry: PIVOTS, COGNAC
  • Comet Chemistry: Rosetta Mission
  • Titan internal structure: Huygens mission
  • Europa environment: JUICE mission
  • Optical properties of the grains: PROGRA2


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