Our research activities are directly connected to satellite missions that roam the heliosphere or fly around the Earth. We design, build and operate instruments that primarily measure electric and magnetic fields. Data from these instruments, together with model simulations, help us better understand the space environment and its properties.

Sun - Earth Relations

The three main issues we are working on are : 1) How is the solar wind heated and accelerated? 2) How to better predict the impact of solar irradiance on our atmosphere? 3) How to better quantify the role of the Sun in climate variations?

Atmosphere/Ionosphere/Magnetosphere Couplings

At LPC2E, research on the coupling between the atmosphere, the ionosphere and the magnetosphere is based on 3 key space missions: Cluster, DEMETER and TARANIS. The team has instrument responsibilities for each of these missions (WHISPER on Cluster, IMSC on DEMETER, IMM, IME-HF and MEXIC on TARANIS).

Planetary Plasmas

LPC2E is contributing to the exploration of our solar system through its involvement in various planetary space missions.