Information Technology

The IT department, via the "Applied IT" and "System and Network Administration (SNA)" business groups, is involved in all the laboratory's IT projects.

The activities carried out:

At LPC2E, the IT professions are organised into two main areas of professional activity: systems and network administration and scientific IT.

System and network administration

This domain covers all activities related to the organization, implementation and exploitation of the IT resources necessary for the work of researchers and staff in support of research:

  • Network and IT systems management: design and deployment of the laboratory’s network infrastructure, installation and maintenance of workstations and experiments, deployment of service servers, calculation and data servers.
  • Security and protection of the scientific heritage: implementation, adaptation to the laboratory context of the Information Systems Security Policy; definition, implementation of the resulting security procedures.
  • User assistance: troubleshooting and assistance in the use of hardware and software, writing documentation, user training.

Scientific computing

This domain covers all activities related to scientific computing and application development. These professions are in direct support of research.

  • Scientific calculation: implementation of mathematical methods in order to carry out (most often on calculation servers) modelling (comparison with a theoretical model) and numerical simulations of physical or chemical phenomena
  • Application development: design, definition of the software architecture, implementation, documentation, scientific data evaluation, exploitation and control of experimental instruments (balloon probes, satellites etc…).