7 December 2022

Planetary magnetospheres

The cyclotron emission

The electrostatic emission in Saturn’s atmosphere is associated with thunderstorms and is therefore sporadic. Their observation from the ground at low frequencies required a trigger by the Cassini probe (in operation until 2018). The group already has UTR2, WSRT and LOFAR data, which can be completed by observations with NenuFAR.

The team is also looking for radio emission from extrasolar planets, whose magnetosphere plasma instabilities produce the same cyclotron emission as on Jupiter. Observations are in progress with LOFAR, both in imaging and in dynamic spectroscopy. This program will either ramp up from the first detection, or be limited to a few years to obtain upper limits. It will also be an ideal project for NenuFAR, once the characterization/calibration of the signal is effective.