8 December 2022


Plasma Environment Platform for Satellite tests in Orléans (PEPSO)

PEPSO consists mainly of a plasma chamber installed at LPC2E since 2020. This installation aims at simulating a space environment on the ground to be able to test instruments, nanosatellite platforms, and the interactions between the two. It allows to create a plasma close to ionospheric conditions, which corresponds to the environments encountered by satellites in low orbits.

PEPSO uses occasionally the national facility PIVOINE_2G dedicated to the study of plasma propulsion engines and located at the ICARE laboratory.

Installation of a nanosatellite model equipped with Langmuir probes before its introduction into the ICARE Pivoine_2G plasma chamber.

PEPSO also supports instrumental theses, research internships and teaching.

Contact at LPC2E : Matthieu.Kretzschmar@cnrs-orleans.fr