Space Missions

Bepi Colombo

Bepi-Colombo is a space mission that will explore Mercury and its environment.


The Cluster mission is the first ‘Cornerstone’ of the European Space Agency (ESA) in its Horizons 2000 Science Programme.


The main scientific objective of the low altitude DEMETER micro-satellite was to study the ionospheric disturbances that can occur before major earthquakes.


The JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) mission is the first class L mission selected as part of the European Space Agency's (ESA) Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 program.

Parker Solar Probe

Parker Solar Probe is the first mission to literally touch the Sun. This NASA mission was successfully launched on August 12, 2018 from Cape Canaveral.


Rendez-vous, escort and detailed study of a comet

Solar Orbiter

Solar Orbiter is a mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) that will make significant progress in our understanding of the Sun and the internal Heliosphere. Solar Orbiter will perform remote and in-situ measurements from an orbit that will go up to 0.3 AU from the Sun, as well as out of the ecliptic plane.


TARANIS is a low altitude satellite dedicated to the study of the impulsive transfers of energy between the Earth atmosphere and the space environment occurring above thunderstorms.